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Reply 1988 15.mp4

Statistically, the MP4/4 is the most dominant and successful F1 car of all time. Winning 15 of the 16 races during the 1988 season, the MP4/4 has a success rate of just over 93%. The closest another car has come to breaking this record is Mercedes with their W07 in 2016, having a success rate of 90% and winning 19 of the 21 races that season.

Reply 1988 15.mp4

The car was initially designed to be used with the turbocharged Honda unit, giving the McLaren team a distinct advantage over their rivals who decided to switch to naturally aspirated engines. It was also widely speculated that Honda would introduce their V10 engine for the 1988 season. Ron Dennis then later confirmed that the V10 engine was not part of the plan for 1988.

For the 1988 season, six chassis were constructed using carbon fibre monocoque technology, with thee assistance of American aerospace company, Hercules Aerospace. Numbered 1 through 6, they were all used throughout the year at some point.

The 1988 season had everyone keeping an eye on the team. McLaren had Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost paired together. Honda, the gold standard for engines in F1 at the time, was the engine supplier for the team.

In 1987, Häkkinen made the transition from karting to car racing when he purchased a 1986 Reynard Formula Ford 1600 from fellow Finn JJ Lehto. In that year, he entered the Finnish, Swedish and Nordic Formula Ford Championships, winning each title on his first attempt and won nine races combined. Häkkinen also entered two races of the EDFA 1600 Championship and raced in the Formula Ford Festival held at Brands Hatch, where he finished in seventh position.[9] In 1988, Häkkinen entered the EFDA Formula GM Lotus Euroseries with the Dragon team, where he secured four victories and finished the runner-up in the championship, behind Allan McNish. He later entered the Opel-Lotus EDFA Euroseries, taking four victories and became Champion with 126 points, ahead of nearest rival Henrik Larsen.[9]

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are unable to receive physical mail at this time. We cannot guarantee that Mo will be able to personally respond to your e-mails, but every e-mail will receive a reply.

At the time, I stumbled upon a couple of their scenes that actually persuaded me to watch "Reply 1988" and see what the drama was all about. (I wasn't against it though.) Needless to say, I'm a huge fan of this drama and Taek & Deoksun in particular. It's one of those cases when people are amazing at portraying their characters (individually) while matching wonderfully with each other. They look great together. They play off of one another really well. It's a win-win.

I really shouldn't complain, considering that last year, majority of the Reply 1988 viewers were up in arms with this Taeksun/BoGum+Hyeri coupling. They insisted that it was THE other guy who exhibited the most chemistry with her, both in the script and behind-the-scenes.

It's so embarrassing though talking about other dramas on reply thread heheh...though I am glad too that PBGXHyeri are still number 2 couple with most chemistry! After all the drama ended one year ago, so have to give it to them for keeping the chemistry factor altogether till now. I watched ep 1 at some point on January, so the feeling was too different this time, I think if I ever decide to re-watch the whole show again, may be this time it would be for the families more, and less the couples. Also hoping that I have forgotten all the romantic tidbits, just so to enjoy this again.

Whatever drama we'll encounter in the future, it will always be measured against Reply 1988. (Or in my case, Goblin, and Warm and Cozy, and shhh! secret...I won't tell.) That's why I return here from time to time. I see something in another show which reminds me of Reply 1988, and I feel like I have to share it with you.

putting all aside the flaws; I love this show; ,may be on of my favorites together with My love from the star ( Kim so0 Hyun; Cain and Abel ( my first K drama and So Jisub in it swoon); Reply 1988 ( Park Bo -GUm 0.

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