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The Messiah In The Old And New Testaments (Mcma...

Punk has always styled himself as a truth-teller, a holier-than-thou prophet decrying human fallibility. But this posture has always been a put-on wrestling persona. By co-opting every legitimate criticism of the WWE, as he did Monday night, Punk refashioned himself from a simplistic messiah figure into an evil on-screen ombudsman.

The Messiah in the Old and New Testaments (Mcma...

What happened is this. In his life, Jesus was a Jewish preacher and prophet who believed, as with many of his fellow Jews, that the apocalypse was coming within their lifetimes. His followers had read the prophecies in the Old Testament that God would send a messiah (which at the time only meant one in the bloodline of David who would be chosen by God to rule again, not a divine savior), and they thought that Jesus was this messiah. Notably, though, they believed that he would be the king who would rule them in the imminent afterlife that would follow the forthcoming apocalypse, not an earthly emperor. 041b061a72

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