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Kartina Tv Crack Serial Keygen

Kartina TV Serial: What You Need to Know

Kartina TV is a popular video service that offers movies and TV shows in various languages, as well as internet TV channels from different countries around the world. One of the features of Kartina TV is its collection of exclusive and original serials from various video platforms, such as START, PREMIER, ivi,, Megogo, LAVA, Soyuzmultfilm, and others. In this article, we will introduce some of the best Kartina TV serials that you can watch online with a subscription.

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Olga is a comedy serial that follows the life of Olga, a mother of three who tries to balance her family and career. In the final season, Olga's husband Grisha wants to adopt a child, but Olga is against it. She thinks she has enough problems with her own kids and does not want to take care of someone else's. However, everything changes when they meet Yarik, a cute orphan boy who melts their hearts. You can watch Olga on PREMIER in Kartina TV subscription.

Super Ivanovs

Super Ivanovs is a fantasy comedy serial that tells the story of a family of magicians who live in Moscow. They have to hide their abilities from the ordinary people and deal with various supernatural threats. In the third season, they face a new enemy who wants to destroy the magic world and take over the human one. You can watch Super Ivanovs on START in Kartina TV subscription.

On Guard of the Beach. Second Season

On Guard of the Beach is a comedy serial that revolves around the adventures of a group of lifeguards who work at a resort. They have to deal with crazy tourists, romantic troubles, and mysterious events. In the second season, they return to the beach after a long winter break and find out that someone is trying to sabotage their work. You can watch On Guard of the Beach on PREMIER in Kartina TV subscription.


Librarian is a fantasy serial based on the best-selling novel by Mikhail Elizarov. It follows the story of Alexey, a young man who discovers that there are special books that can give people incredible powers. He joins a secret society of librarians who collect and protect these books from evil forces. You can watch Librarian on in Kartina TV subscription.


Prostokvashino is a children's serial that continues the adventures of Uncle Fyodor, Matroskin the cat, and Sharik the dog in the village of Prostokvashino. They have to deal with various problems and challenges, such as finding a treasure, saving a circus, and making friends with aliens. You can watch Prostokvashino on Soyuzmultfilm in Kartina TV subscription.

These are just some of the many Kartina TV serials that you can enjoy online with a subscription. To find out more about Kartina TV and how to subscribe, visit their website or their YouTube channel. You can also download their apps for iOS and Android devices and watch your favorite serials on your smartphone or tablet.

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