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1) I was a campus journalist. I was managing editor for my college paper as a college senior. My friend Mark Cobb (who incidentally is a '91 L alum) was editor. We did have careful advising, and the university made it clear to us from beginning to end that, as long as we depended upon their resources to publish our work, we could consider them our publishers. Usually, they respected our attempts to spur free discourse on a range of university and larger issues, but they would have shut us down if we had published personally direct obscenities of the type the Trident published. We actually covered university news and concerns (I remember articles debating whether standards for tenure were appropriate, examining restrictions on student social activities, investigating depression and suicide among students...) because we were taught that a community's paper is a paper of record. The paper of record is responsible for understanding and reporting on its locality, as well as the "bigger" stories from elsewhere. We were proud to take on that responsibility. We had our own problems with competence; we made mistakes. But we did not have any trouble understanding that terms such as "slut," "cunt" and "giving head" were obscene and unfit for publication in our community newspaper. We did not need any extra advising to tell us that articles attacking the sexual identities or classroom enthusiasm of our fellow classmates were NOT JOURNALISM. We knew that sort of thing to be plain old, unadorned bullying. We knew that BEFORE we went to college--as in fact, our W&L students also no doubt knew before they got here.

Ignorance or incompetence has absolutely nothing to do with what the Bracket students did. They were just gross and mean in a way even kindergarten students can fundamentally understand is unacceptable (even if they don't know the meaning of the obscenities). The Bracket students offered no ideas for debate. They made no attempt to communicate a position on a campus issue. They were simply bullying their fellow students. If we describe them as needing a chance to "learn," we let them off the hook for behavior they already know quite well is beyond the pale. Or are we unsure about the term "cuntry club"? Have I missed something about discussing students "giving head"? Is it possible adult native speakers of English might have mistaken these words as less than obscene? Please.

2) When the Bracket first came out, I was appalled, but when you defended the students' right to "free speech" in publishing it, I was more deeply concerned. Another female colleague (a relatively recent hire) and I discussed our feelings about it, and we agreed. The fact that some of our students behaved this way in a public forum was deeply distressing to us. How, we wondered, would we teach those students if they showed up in our classrooms, knowing how they speak about women? But the fact that a highly-regarded senior male colleague was working to protect their right to say those things bothered us in a deeper way. They students seemed hostile enough. Your defense of them seemed to us to be worse-- a protection of the elements of the W&L environment that every single day eat away at our attempts to establish ourselves as professionals and leaders in our campus community.

You are an alum, a full professor, the head of your department, the university marshal, and you have used your authority to defend harassment and obscenity in a campus publication. As far as I am concerned, when you compare bringing a harassment complaint against the bullies of the Trident to the taking of the Jews in Nazi German or mock trials in a totalitarian regime, you are saying you don't believe in protecting students and co-workers against the viciousness of our community's meanest members. Now, not only are some of our students appalling; I've also got to walk into classrooms with them knowing that a senior, male colleague, who is also an alum, has vigorously defended their right to "learn" by blasting attacks at anyone they consider deviant. When I teach I don't just have to worry about what these students think about me (and my "cunt"--yes, that's how it FEELS to see students after I read that stuff they wrote); I now also have to worry about the fact that an institutional authority figure has told them it's okay to act the way they do. As far as I am concerned, your defense of them is harassing to me, PERSONALLY. The environment of "discourse" you defend makes it unfairly hard for me to feel respected and endowed with the appropriate level of authority for my position.

3)Let's suppose you still can't get your head around the fact that protected speech and aggressive bullying of private persons are two different categories. You would never bring a complaint against the students yourself. Fine. What could you have done? Address the horrible aspects of what they wrote, and let them fight their own fight for the freedom to attack their peers. Don't lend them your authority. Part of the point of the American adversarial culture is that it allows for adjustments in the gray areas at the edges of our central principles. Those who want to expand the notion of a "freedom of the press" to include a protected right to discuss which girls gave head to which guys or which guys might be gay, or to use homosexuality as a demeaning category, can fight to be recognized by their peers. Those of us who think, with John Locke, that the liberty protected by our form of government is never absolute liberty, can refuse to come to the aid of those who link freedom with bullying. 041b061a72

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