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Nero Ultra Edition [PC Software][Working Serial] Download UPD Pc


i hate nero 9! seems like the only thing it's good for is to make sure your harddrive and various hard drives are good. at least it can do that without crashing!!!! it took me hours to find an iso file to burn, when i could have just downloaded it from the intertubes.. omg, it doesn't work!!!! we are currently developing the next generation version of nero. what's more, we don't settle for good enough, but strive for new standards. we will continue to deliver the most precise and powerful, yet easy to use burning software on the planet. the new nero will become an indispensable tool in home computer users' daily workflow. not just in home use, we will also deliver the productivity platform for enterprise users. and you thought we were saying that they're stupid.well, they are.they are stupid.who's gonna use the new nero (i never will, but who else would you be talking about) the old versions were better all the way through, they still are, of course, but it's the ultimate in bloatware!

i love windows and all it's ability to do. but the one thing i can't do is change its programs. i have tried. it does'nt matter the program, (eg. office) it uses it's own nero. i have tried to find a program that uses the software nero but could not find it. the only thing that saves me from buying nero is that microsoft itself comes with free nero.

love nero! been using it since back in the day (no pun intended) when it was nero 4.x.. than 6. then 7. i didn't run into any problems with it. great software. would have liked to see the update come out in dvd format. 3d9ccd7d82

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