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Dr ! I never except Money if i give any Reiki Treatment to friends & Family, my problem excepting Money for Reiki is * I find it hard to charge Money for the Energy which belongs to God The Almighty, I always do it Voluntary. I have been made Redundant form Work due to my previous accident, i have never been able to earn enough money to Buy my own House, i am so tired of Renting houses from Landlords & being threaten by bailiffs. I have 3 Adopted children & i want some security for them, i also want to Build a big Day-Center To Support some Homeless Children in the Caribbean & also supply their School Books & Uniform. I really would appreciate the Universe bringing me some Luck Winning The Jackpot Lottery.

I am thankful to Almighty that I read you today.I am master degree holder.I humbly request you to get me attuned with MIDAS STAR symbol.Please.Nowadays I am facing some problems of money in my business.I am running my beauty parlour.I will really be thankful.Thank you Thank you thank you

Please let me know if you have completed minimum second level reiki and are practicing regularlyalso please tell your location so that I can work out time zones and send me your picture.Would you like to do it online using video call (20 min) or would like to get instructions in the mail, to follow at a given time

Hello sir,I have to attune Midas srar symbol. Can you attune me I am already attune 2nd degree reiki level.please help me.l am 60years old lady and live in saltlake city,kolkata,West Bengal ,lndia. Thank you very much. love and light.

This package plan offers a 20% savings for three sessions! You pay only $96 for three 30-minute Reiki sessions (Regularly priced $120). Treat yourself to relaxation and healing while saving money.

This package plan offers a 20% savings for six sessions. You pay only $168 for three 60-minute Reiki sessions (Regularly priced $210). This is an excellent way to treat yourself to an hour of deep relaxation and save some money.

Want to become a money magnet for more money Literally more money flowing to you and accumulating in your life I think everyone would say yes to that. You are either repelling or attracting money based on the way your energy is running.

Now if you are in a slump with money and you are at odds with money, you struggle with money, you feel like there is not enough and you would like to have more, there is a good chance your energy, just your energy, the vibration of you, is actually repelling money. What do you do about that

So I am going to teach you three energy healing techniques that will actually turn on your attraction factor in your energy system. That is just you walking around every day and the vibration you are putting out in the world. What is the vibration of you saying, signaling to money You want it to be bringing it in, drawing it towards you.

Thanks for sharing this with someone who is really struggling with money right now. Remember, alignment of chakras are not only for the money but for health as well among other things. Like the video and subscribe so I can keep helping you.

What do you do when you feel stressed about money Do you go to yoga Do you meditate If you think about the last time you had a stressful financial situation, how did you react, what did you do Sadly, you cannot change your thoughts about money until you learn what the causes of your financial issues are. On the bright side, with reflection, yoga, and meditation, your opinions and feelings toward your money will reveal themselves and this knowledge will help you take the necessary steps towards repairing your relationship with your finances and how we face them. Understanding how your chakras directly align with your relationship to your money and finances will help you gain clear perspective into the issues that may be haunting you. Lets look at each chakra and how they each affect your financial picture.

King Midas is known to be an ascended master that resides in the Sacred Rays

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