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5 : Rain Of Sorrows \/\/FREE\\\\

Back in East City, Hughes and Armstrong explain to Mustang and Hawkeye that they have designated this serial killer "Scar" because his only identifying feature is the large scar on his forehead. Scar is responsible for five State Alchemist slayings in the capital and ten nationwide and Mustang is shocked to hear that the skilled Brigadier General Grand was done in. Maes suggests that Roy take measures to protect himself since only Flame and Sewing-Life were prominent in East City, but Roy suddenly remembers that Fullmetal is also currently in town. Ed sits in the rain with Al remarking about how their teacher had taught them that even death is part of the alchemical flow and that they should accept that. Thinking of his mother and Nina, Ed wonders how he can be so stupid as to hope to overturn such a basic natural law, even now after having suffered so much for it. However, just then, the boys are attacked by Scar, who proves himself capable of destroying anything his right-hand touches, the boys flee through the city with the killer hot on their heels and are stopped when the scarred man traps them in an alley. Forced to fight, the boys charge, but find themselves outmatched as Scar tears a gaping hole in Alphonse's side, immobilizing him, and obliterates Ed's automail arm in a flash. Ed collapses to the ground as the immobilized Alphonse, terrified for his brother's safety, cries out desperately from his place on the pavement. Frozen in shock and despair, Edward asks Scar if Alphonse is one of his assassination targets as well. Scar explains that, while he will kill anyone who gets between him and his objectives, Alphonse is not one of his priorities and so Edward offers his own life up in exchange for Scar's word that Al will escape unharmed. Scar agrees to Fullmetal's conditions and moves in for the kill, but Alphonse - vehemently opposed to his brother's resignation - begs Ed to flee.

5 : Rain of Sorrows


Fortunately, Scar is stopped by the timely intervention of Colonel Mustang and his forces. Roy declares Scar under arrest for his crimes, but Scar responds that alchemists - who profane God's design by altering the shape of natural things - are the criminals who deserve punishment. Goaded by Scar's words, Roy attempts to take on the murderer with his powers, but is rescued and reminded by Lt. Hawkeye that his Flame Alchemy does not work properly in the rain. While Scar is distracted by Roy's actions and his own threats, Major Armstrong delivers an attack from behind and formally introduces himself as the "Strong Arm Alchemist." Armstrong and Scar engage each other in battle and, observing and analyzing the alchemist killer's counterattacks, the Major deduces that the mysterious assassin's "power" is, in fact, alchemy with the "reconstruction stage" omitted, leaving all matter transmuted by him in the second stage - the "deconstruction stage." As Roy wonders how an alchemist can put himself against other alchemists on principle and 2nd Lt. Havoc explains to Edward that Scar is the one who killed the Tuckers, Scar realizes that Strong Arm is a far more dangerous opponent than originally thought and changes his attack pattern to exploit the Major's wide swings. But when Armstrong suddenly pulls back from combat, Scar realizes that the frequent openings were intentional - bait to distract him while Lt. Hawkeye prepared to open fire with her rifle. Scar manages to evade her shots but a bullet grazes his face and knocks off his sunglasses, revealing the irises of his eyes to be red. Seeing this, Armstrong and Mustang recognize Scar as an Ishvalan. Not having anticipated so many foes and unexpected turns, Scar cuts his losses and deconstructs the street beneath him, escaping into the sewer system. Ed scrambles to Al's side to check on him as the others marvel at the younger Elric's hollow constitution, but Alphonse angrily and violently berates his brother for giving up to death when he still had a chance to survive, commanding him never to do so again.

"rain of sorrow" by NM feat. Ebony Fay combines elements of UK house, soulful vocals and euro-trance. The lyrics are about how love is a very powerful force - just like the storms of mother nature. Can you feel the rain storm brewing in your heart?

The ghost of The Sorrow appeared to Naked Snake on several occasions, during the latter's return to Tselinoyarsk in Operation Snake Eater. As he did so, he often cried blood and was accompanied by rain falling from the sky. The Sorrow observed Snake during the events of his mission, and occasionally offered helpful hints, such as a key radio frequency. The Fury also mentioned joining The Sorrow in death, after being defeated by Snake in battle, realizing that The Boss would be the only Cobra left.

Following his death, and the return of The Boss to Tselinoyarsk, the spirit of The Sorrow would often appear when it rained, possibly having summoned it himself. In fact, The Boss saw the rain as blood during the Virtuous Mission and stated that The Sorrow was crying when this rain happened. His spirit would also cry blood from his left eye, in reference to his fatal injury. When appearing in the mortal plane of existence, his spirit sometimes emits glowing red eyes.[3]

Although it was officially stated that his crying blood was a reference to the manner in which he died, it alongside it summoning rain also coincidentally had some similarities to Stigmata, which are widely known phenomena often associated with divine miracles, especially in Catholic beliefs.

Saguaros are found exclusively in the Sonoran Desert. The most important factors for growth are water and temperature. If the elevation is too high, the cold weather and frost can kill the saguaro. Although the the Sonoran Desert experiences both winter and summer rains, it is thought that the Saguaro obtains most of its moisture during the summer rainy season.

Saguaro are very slow growing cactus. A 10 year old plant might only be 1.5 inches tall. Saguaro can grow to be between 40-60 feet tall (12-18m). When rain is plentiful and the saguaro is fully hydrated it can weigh between 3200-4800 pounds.

The day of Sorrows is most likely the event here. Its interesting because the day of sorrows is mentioned in the vision shown to Dalinar so this is something predicted by basically everyone from honor to odium to taravangium to the death rattles similar to Dalinar becoming Odium's champion.

Good prediction, your theory can happened. if it happened, I wish Contest of Champion will still significance at least until we get this reveal. I feel like if we know Todium will bring the night of sorrows regardless if he win or lose, all the foreshadowing and preparation we got for Contest of Champions will become meaningless.

Its a bit confounding since the endless rain implies some problem with the stormfather and the obvious culprit would be Dalinar but that would suggest that the Honor foresaw the initial defeat of odium and a following dilemma between the stormfather and Dalinar... which seems oddly too specific for Honor who was not amazing at foreseeing the future.

Alternately the day of sorrows is the eventual failure of the stormfather based on a separate plan by odium to deal with the stormfather and radiants that - similar to the everstorm - has been in the works a long time. This would play well into Odium's specific timing for the contest of champions - the plan to bring the day of sorrows falls on the day of the contest of champions.

We each have the conditioning to live for long stretches of time imprisoned by a sense of deficiency, cut off from realizing our intrinsic intelligence, aliveness, and love. The greatest blessing we can give ourselves is to recognize the pain of this trance, and regularly offer a cleansing rain of self-compassion to our awakening hearts.

He looked around at the names, each one as special to some stranger as his wife's name is to him. All these chalk ghosts longed to see a day like this one. Each name represented an unfulfilled dream. The big bright murals made the wall seem fun and festive from afar, but a closer look revealed life stripped of romanticism. "A lot of people waited their whole lives," Motiejunas said. He took a picture of the wall and then left, walking through the light rain that had begun to fall.

Newell nodded. He pulled out and switched on the radio -- tuned to the local broadcast so Harry "wouldn't have to listen to Joe Buck" -- and covered it with a plastic carton. He snaked the antennae through a hole he'd cut, then covered it with duct tape to keep out the rain.

Mostly, she wanted to see some sign that her mother's presence wasn't gone forever. Two hours after Ginny died last week, Mary Beth sent out a text message to the select people who needed to know: "The bad news is my mom passed away. The good news is there is another angel in the outfield." When she met me randomly, that was a sign too, and after we left the chalk wall at Wrigley, she sat in her car and sobbed, then ran into Murphy's Bleachers to do a shot of Jameson for her mom. She and her friends all carry these desires; the owner of the place, Ellie, had started finding dimes everywhere after her dad died. Each of those dimes is a message. Today, Mary Beth saw a rainbow and said out loud to her mom, "Can't you leave me alone already?" So the Cubs performance had become tightly wound together with all sorts of deeper and more personal questions, which raised the stakes for her. 041b061a72

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