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Red 2HD


The state of the art, Smart 2HD has been specifically conceived to cover with outstanding performances all the requirements in free flow tolling, traffic monitoring and security. The system is able to cover two lanes at 7.5 meters width maximum and detects vehicles at a speed of up to 250 km/h.

Thanks to the revolutionary open architecture and thanks to the extra CPU capacity, Smart 2HD is much more than an ANPR (ALPR) camera as additional functionalities can be added (also in a second moment) in order to allow vehicle color, brand and model recognition; furthermore, on top of the ANPR (ALPR) functionality, an HD streaming for video surveillance can be implemented as well, optimizing space and costs.

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These standard features are complemented by optional functionalities which transform the camera from a standard plate reader into a true smart vehicles recognition and a security system. Firstly, a system can be added to recognize the vehicle brand, vehicle class and even the vehicle color and additionally offer HD Streaming for video surveillance. In addition, the Smart camera can be equipped to simultaneously run two different OCRs on-board. The Real-time licence plate identification is then performed by two independent software tools inside the system that provide a maximum accuracy. Through this Double OCR the validated licence plate data is a direct output from the camera and any additional third party analysis software is redundant which reduces complexity and system costs for the user.

The new Tattile Smart 2HD ANPR (ALPR) system marks the next generation of highly scalable smart cameras. Its embedded intelligence provides a maximum output at extremely low system costs since all algorithms are inside the system and deliver an output ready to be interpreted by the user.

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