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Command And Conquer 4 Unlock All Units

the upgrade system in tiberian twilight is the best yet. each unit is given a small amount of experience points for each mission, which can be raised with missions, tiberium crystals, kills and capture points.

command and conquer 4 unlock all units


the rest of the presentation is typical of the series - high-quality art, excellent maps, well-balanced gameplay, sound effects that are just right, and the same awesome soundtrack they put in all their games. it takes several hours to go through the prequel alone, so if you havent played any of the earlier games, its strongly recommended that you start with the greatest rts of them all, command & conquer: tiberian sun. some players complain about the length of this game, since it has 1,000 base units on all three factions. the default difficulty is a fine balance between the player and ai making it fair and balanced, but once you get into the game proper, youll find yourself playing on expert all the way down to survival, if thats your preference. the maps, sound effects, and graphics are amazing and make a great change from the more cookie-cutter instant-classic look of the early years. all characters look different, and besides the obvious leaders, theres some real great players, like wesley snipes, in the cast of this game, the same can be said about the music, with a few new musicians in this game, who have put a lot of effort into the soundtrack.

command & conquer 4 is one of eas better games. it brings a modern, polished design to the table that is worth playing and is easily one of the best command & conquer games. if you liked the original games, this should be a no-brainer, and if you missed out on the command & conquer series back in the day, youll want to play this one, and the upcoming command & conquer 3, immediately. just to let you know, a dvd version of this game, in both english and japanese, is available for purchase from ea direct.

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