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Mario Kart Tour Retro Track Comparison 2

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Mario Kart Tour Retro Track Comparison 2

Today is Mario Day and Nintendo and Apple are celebrating in a couple of ways with Mario Kart Tour and Super Mario Run on iPhone. Mario Kart Tour has added a limited-time retro track plus special retro-inspired accessories to scoop up and Super Mario Run is unlocking paid levels for free leading up to The Super Mario Bros. Movie launch.

VRMenu (ObjId 7025), referenced in the internally used track Gu_Menu to draw the menu background, is not rendered when used on tracks. It only consists of the reflection map which can be indirectly seen on karts in the character and parts selection screens. On tracks, it results in no skybox being drawn at all, leaving traces of models previously rendered in front of the sky. The reflection map represents an empty hall with a lot of pillars. The game uses special coding for VRMenu, since when removing or replacing it in Gu_Menu, no menu background graphics like the main menu characters or the blue backgrounds are drawn anymore, and the whole online lobby will not be rendered at all - only the UI above remains.

The internally used track Gu_Menu actually consists of a finite small plane on which karts are placed at race start, which is also correctly textured with a test texture. This plane is not visible when running the track as the material defines to cull both back and front faces rather than only back faces. Together with no skybox being added as an object, only drawing artifacts are visible around racers.

Keeping with their Retro Track Naming traditions started in Mario Kart DS, there is a slight difference in the initials used to indicate which system a retro track originated from between the Japanese version and other versions.

The power of the Nintendo GameCube and its ability to render in 3D models allowed the developers to design track layouts that were not possible on past Nintendo hardware. This idea is shown in full display with Wario Colosseum taking the #1 spot with 338 votes, completely transforming the precedents N64 Wario Stadium established for a stadium track six years earlier. Similar to Mario Kart: Super Circuit, most of the tracks that have already returned as a retro track appear at the bottom of this list.

Although Mario Kart Super Circuit was the first game in the series to have older tracks, DS is the first game to introduce retro tracks as players know them. Ever since then, retro tracks not only reflect the aesthetics and design philosophy of the era they were brought back for, but they also tend to make up half of the track roster. Ever since Mario Kart DS introduced this practice, and Wii made it a habit, fans have come to hypothesize about which old tracks will return in subsequent Mario Kart games as much as they discuss potential new characters or gimmicks. Retro tracks will most likely come back in Mario Kart 9, but considering certain circumstances, this game should tackle the feature differently.

Since Mario Kart 8 opened the gates for such a possibility, this hypothetical new installment should try bringing back old retro tracks while continuing the series tradition of giving neglected tracks a chance. However, due to the number of potentially new retro tracks getting increasingly smaller and the options becoming more centered toward specific games, then Mario Kart 9 might have to rely on doing repeats. Fan favorites that haven't been seen in over a decade, like Waluigi Pinball and DK Mountain, could benefit from getting the experimental treatment seen with N64 Rainbow Road. More straightforward tracks, like the character-themed circuits and raceways, could benefit from plain remakes and simple testing of new mechanics.

In order to assert itself as different, Mario Kart 9 will have to learn from past entries while toning down potentially radical changes. With Mario Kart Tour around, the number of potentially new retro tracks has become increasingly smaller. Some tracks can afford being retooled due to how reco

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