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Stanislav Suvorov
Stanislav Suvorov

Don't Miss This Chance to Download] [pack] and Play Don't Knock Twice, the Best Horror Game of 2017

open the installer.pkg file and choose the option to extract the contents of the package. this will extract an unzipped directory to your removable drive. navigate to the directory and double click the script file install-osx.pkg to begin the installation process. this is a script file that will prompt you for information about the device on which you plan to install, then ask you to provide a wi-fi password and then connect to your network. it will download and install all the packages listed in your packages.txt file.

Don't Knock Twice Download] [pack]


update (29/01/17):theres been a few updates released for the game since this was posted, some of which have been causing issues with peoples save data. unfortunately i cant offer a fix, but one thing that might be worth trying is deleting the add-on content for the packs whose progress has been wiped (for example if youve had your adventure time level progress wiped, delete the adventure time add-on pack). to find this option, gothrough the same steps listed below, but hit the delete button instead of the upgrade button. then redownload the pack and see if that fixes your issue. but please, make regular back-ups of your save data because the game has gotten incredibly unstable as of late and you dont want to lose all your progress.

don't knock twice is one of those games that will keep you on your toes. sounds are exceptional and the stories are fantastic! the designers have done an excellent job at creating an enjoyable audio experience. the developer has also taken the time to include high quality sounds that are not available in the free version, adding value to the product. this is not your typical horror game where you have to be constantly on guard to avoid a jump scare. the ambiance of the game is great and it's almost as fun to see what's around the corner as it is to figure out what it is.

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