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Kodak Dc215 Zoom Digital Camera Software EXCLUSIVE Download

1973 Fairchild MV-100 -World's first commercial CCD camera (yes, 99.9% of all Google results are wrong)1975 Kodak prototype -World's first hand-held, DC1980 Sony XC-1 -World's first commercialized color CCD camera1985 Canon CI-10 - A digital camera that became the world's first action cam1985 Kodak SV8200 - First still camera in the world with built-in miniature cathode-ray tube1986 Videk MegaPlus - World's first megapixel class DC1986 MegaVision Tessera - World's first commercially available, professional DC system1987 Kodak EO -World's first digital single lens reflex camera1988 Fujix DS-1P - World's first consumer DC with re-usable flash memory cards1989 Toshiba IMC-100 - World's first OEM DC model1989 Fujix DS-X - World's first consumer DC that was marketed1990 Dycam Model I - World's first DC sold outside of Japan and first DC that came with a docking station1990 King Jim DaVinci DV55 - World's first DC with built-in thermal printer1991 Logitech Fotoman FM-1 - World's first DC sold in Europe1991 Fujix DS-100 - World's first DC with 3x optical zoom and world's first to adopt the new SRAM memory cards1992 Kodak DCS 200 - World's first integrated model with a CCD sensor1992 Kodak DCS 200 High Speed Target Camera - World's first mirror-less digital camera with F-mount1993 Fujix DS-200F - World's first digital camera to adopt a battery-free memory card1994 Olympus Deltis VC-1100 - World's first DC with built-in transmission function by using an internal modem and an external phone line1994 Rhythm Watch Visimo - World' first DC with a built-in LCD screen1994 VLSI Vision PC Card Camera - World' first first fully integrated PCMCIA video camera1995 Ricoh RDC-1 - World's first DC with video recording possibility and world's first digital camera that could be controlled with an IR remote controller1995 Toshiba Pro-Shot PDR-100 - World's first DC with a modem1995 Casio QV-10 - World's first DC with an LCD screen1995 Fujix DS-220 - World's first DC that used a Lithium ION battery1995 Fujix DS-505 - World's first DSLR to achieve full angle of view1995 Minolta RD-175 / Agfa ActionCam - World's first DC and DSLR with three imaging sensors and world's smallest and lightest DSLR1996 Canon PowerShot 600 - World's first consumer DC to support Type III PC Cards1996 Obsidian Imaging IC/100 - World' first DC with integrated anti-tampering software1996 Ricoh RDC-2S - World's first DC to allow direct transmission with a mobile phone through PHS without the use of a modem1996 Kodak DVC300 - World's first USB device1996 Kodak DC25 - World's first DC to support Compact Flash Cards1996 SciCan's Dynamix Macro Digital Camera - World's first DC specifically made for dentistry1996 Hitachi MP-EG1 - World's first DC with MPEG video output1996 Nikon Coolpix 300 - World's first DC with Touchscreen1996 Polaroid PDC-2000 - World's first (consumer) DC with sonar autofocus1996 Sharp MD-PS1 - World's first DC with Minidisc support1996 Orion DigiSnap DS21 - World's first DC with a 3" screen1996 Sansui CT0110 - World's first and only DC with a built-in TV tuner1996 Sony DSC-F1 - World's first DC with built-in infrared transceiver1996 Fujifilm DS-7 - World's first DC that utilized Smart Media cards1997 Konica Q-EZ - World's first DC to support Intel's Flash Miniature Card1997 Sega Digio HDC-1000 - World's first DC to be marketed in different body colors (closely followed by the Ricoh DC-3)1997 Fuji DS-10S - World's first DC especially built and sold as a Limited Edition (3,000 units)1997 Panasonic PV-DC1080 - World's smallest DC with an 1.8" LCD screen and removable memory1997 SoundVision SVmini-209 - World's first DC with a CMOS sensor instead of a CCD1997 Mitsubishi DJ-1000 / Umax PhotoRun - World's slimmest DC1997 NEC PC-DC200 - World's smallest DC at the time and first DC in the world that could be operated with only two AA-batteries1997 HP PhotoSmart / Konica Q-EZ - World's first and only DC's that used Intel's Miniature Card1998 Minolta RD-3000 - World's first DSLR and DC with two half-mirrored prisms, so that the entering light would illuminate two separate CCD sensors1998 Kodak DC220/260 - World's first DC's that allowed user manipulation of the camera's OS through uploadable scripts1998 Olympus C-2000 Zoom - World's first 2 Megapixel DC1998 Canon PowerShot Pro70 - World's first DC to feature a Compact Flash Card Type II slot1999 Agfa ePhoto CL-30 Clik! - World's first and only DC with built-in Iomega Clik! Drive1999 Fujifilm FinePix PR21 - World's first DC with built-in color printer1999 Panasonic PV-SD4090 - World's first DC to use the 120MB SuperDisk1999 Minolta 3D 1500 - World's first 3D consumer digital camera1999 Sharp VN-EZ1 - World's first, smallest and lightest to adopt the then new MPEG-4 standard1999 Casio QV-8000SX - World's first digital camera to feature a bulb exposure time of 64 seconds1999 Kodak DC215 Zoom - World's smallest megapixel digital camera1999 Samsung SDC-007 - World's first DC with a foldable and rotating LCD screen1999 Olympus C-21T.commu - World's first two megapixel DC with built-in transmission function2000 Sanyo IDC-1000Z - World's first and only DC to use the Sanyo ID Photo Disk2000 Panasonic PV-DC3000 iPalm- World's first DC with SD memory card slot2000 Vivitar Digi35- World's first DSC camera with high quality 35mm hardcopy output2001 Pentax Digibino 100 - World's first DC incorporated into a pair of binoculars2012 IKEA Knäppa PS2012 - World's first DC entirely made of cardboardThis list is work in progress and will grow over time.....

kodak dc215 zoom digital camera software download

We recommend using Stellar Photo Recovery. This proficient product helps in recovering lost photos and media files from internal and external drives, memory cards, and digital cameras. With the capability to restore photos with their original file names, Stellar Photo Recovery is your best shot at recovering deleted, formatted, or inaccessible photos. Download the software now!

PANASONIC PV-SD4090 - 1999. In 1997 Sony marketed the MVC-FD5 and MVC-FD7, the first ever digitalcameras using a standard floppy disc as the storage medium. Thesecameras proved to be very popular and at one time accounted for almost40% of the U.S. digital camera market. In 1999 Panasonic marketed thePV-SD4090 floppy disc camera to also compete in this market. ThePV-SD4090 had two rather unique features. It had a switch on the sideof the lens for opening and closing a built-in lens cover, and it coulduse an Imation SuperDisk that had much greater storage capacity than anordinary floppy disc, 120MB versus 1.44MB. The PV-SD4090 was not aspopular as the Sony models and in a few years both the Sony andPanasonic models faded from the market as other means of JPEG storagebecame more popular. 1.3MP CCD (1280 x 960 pixels). 3X optical zoom,f/2.8-5.2. The above camera in excellent working condition waspurchased on eBay for $41. MSRP $1,000.

Today, Kodak announced the latest addition to their Professional DCS Camera lineup, the DCS Pro Back. This is the first capture device that uses the recently announced 16 megapixel square format chip developed and marketed by Kodak. The chip, measuring 36.86mm x 36.86mm is essentially the size of a 35mm film frame's long axis, squared. But large file sizes (48MB) are not the limit to this exciting new product. This is the first digital capture back that incorporates: - Its own LCD preview screen (also offers one handed 90 degree tilt-up for waist level operation) - Built-in spot meter and focus check features (via LCD screen) - Internal rechargeable batteries (or powered through the IEEE-1394 Firewire cable - no additional power cables necessary) - Internal PC card storage media (or tethered operation via Firewire) - ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) sensor base material for improved blue channel sensitivity - Removable Infrared/Anti-Aliasing filter (also featuring digital anti-aliasing technology) In addition, the DCS Pro Back offers: - ISO 100 - Capture rate of one 48MB image every two seconds - Buffer capable of storing up to eight images before pausing to write to disk (or tethered computer) - Stand alone software (not a Photoshop plug-in) known as DCS Capture Studio Software (version 1.5) This software is initially available for the Macintosh platform only, but will be available for Windows in the future. It is said to have a "greatly simplified workflow" and is ICC savvy. The camera is currently compatible with the Hasselblad 555 ELD and the Mamiya RZ film cameras. Down the road, Kodak will offer interfaces for "a wide range of medium and large format camera systems." The DCS Pro Back is scheduled to be available during the first quarter of 2001. The price has not yet been released at this time. Click Here for the full Kodak Press Release.

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