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Stardict Drae 2.4 2 Bz2 Bz2


Now let's take a look at the main file of the package - spec-file. Let's take a spec from the stardict package which is a good example, since it contains several tarballs (files with program soruces archived with tar), produces several subpackages and has some additional scripts. Usually spec file has the same name as the package itself- (stardict.spec). Though you can add package version if you are going to maintain several versions at once - (stardict-2.spec). Actually you can use any name, but this is not convenient and not recommended.

Content of the stardict.spec is shown below. We will insert our comments directly after each section of the spec, but if you simply join all the sections into a single files, you will get a complete stardict.spec.

Here we define a subpackage named %name-tools. If you want to use a completely different name, you can define it like the following: %package -n tools-stardict. Subpackage versionis set from the Version macro. Note that we have a Requires record mentioning the main package - stardict. If it had %epoch , then it would be necessary to use Requires: %name-%epoch:%version-%release , otherwise the package would fail to update.

If name of the folder extrated from the first tarball differs from %name-%version then rpmbuild will fail to enter inside it. In this case you should modify %setup a little. If stardict-2.4.8.tar.bz2 the top-level folder is named stardict then setup should look like te following:

hello. I was wondering how to add additional dictonaries to my casio ex-word in a mac computer. I already have the dictionary I want to add in the following format: stardict-drae-2.4.2.bz2. Any idea how to add it I think the software for adding dictionaries only works on windows. Please help.

Como ves en la captura anterior, solo pulsa en Choose y elige el archivo descargado stardict-wordtrans-i2e-2.4.2.tar.bz2. En Dictionary Name le pones por ejemplo Inglés-Español, y Dictionary ID lo dejas como está. Teniendo la aplicación Diccionario cerrada pulsa en Convert. Depende del tamaño del diccionario tardará más o menos, y cuando lo haga abrirá la aplicación Diccionario de Leopard con tu diccionarios ya agregado. 153554b96e

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