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Where Can I Buy Japanese Sake

While sake is gaining more recognition around the globe as a delicious alcoholic beverage that can pair with a variety of cuisines, it is nowhere as accessible and affordable as it is in its home country, Japan.

where can i buy japanese sake

For a hands-on sake-making experience, join the 2-3 day Sake Brewing Experience in Nagano! The itinerary includes sake-brewing workshops, nihonshu tastings, sake pairings at a local restaurant, and overnight accommodation at a 100-year-old guesthouse.

There is no shortage of sake shops in Tokyo but there are some special ones that are definitely worth visiting if you are curious about sake. Here are some shops where you can buy some great sake in Tokyo:

Besides their attractive tasting options, Kimijimaya offers a premium sake selection that includes some really rare bottles that might be otherwise hard to find in Tokyo. In fact, there is special sake that's made exclusively for Kimijimaya stores!

Hasegawa is a well-respected name in the sake business. Having opened their first shop as far back as 1960, they now boast 7 locations all around central Tokyo. At all of the branches, you can find an extensive collection of high-quality sake.

While the main shop of Sakaya Kurihara is located in Machida, their branch in Moto-Azabu is an English-friendly sake shop that is used to helping foreign visitors from the area to learn about the world of sake.

While smaller than the other shops on the list, this place boasts a fantastic selection of unique and rare sake. In fact, they offer limited, special edition seasonal bottles, as well. Be sure to try their selection of summer sake that stands out with their refreshing tastes.

That is not all though. What people tend to overlook is that most of these food heaven basements also offer a highly-curated selection of sake. So next time you grab your sashimi bento from the department store, visit the sake booth and ask the sake sommelier for his recommended bottle for pairing!

When in Japan, we definitely recommend delving into the fascinating world of sake. The variety of sake on offer is mind-boggling and it might be overwhelming to decide which bottle to buy, but the stores listed above are excellent places to start your journey. So go out there, try lots of sake, figure out what you like, and enjoy every sip!

To learn more about nihonshu, browse Japanese sake tastings or watch as Shizuka Anderson visits a sake brewery in Miyagi that's aging their sake in a surprising way!

Description: Japanese sake rice wine. The "ginjo" aroma of the semi-dry Junmai Sake Daiginjo is reminiscent of fruits such as apples and bananas. The sake belongs to the Junmai category and contains more umami.

Nigori is unfiltered sake, it offers the original sake enjoyment with an intense rice taste. The combination with green Matcha tea makes this taste experience unique - slightly honey and pistachio, with a fine bitter note, is particularly lightly chilled as an aperitif. Shake well before drinking.

Sweetened, alcoholic drink made from rice with coconut flavor. Nigori Coconut is unfiltered sake with an authentic rice taste, refined with a coconut taste. It is mild and slightly sweet and, particularly lightly chilled, is suitable as an aperitif. Shake well before drinking.

One of the most dynamic western markets for sake is the UK and there are some great places to get it if you know where to look. With that said, here are six of the best places to get your sake fix in the UK!

Oliver is committed to never running out of stock and goes the extra mile to meet customer demand. Plus, Tengu Sake also stocks shochu and awamori, making it one of the most comprehensive sake shops in Europe.

London Sake offers a wide range of nihonshu and company founder, Andy Travers, is passionate about sharing his love of sake with a wider audience. This can be seen from the amount of detail that goes into every product page, with food pairing suggestions, serving temperature recommendations and easy-to-digest information.

Brooklyn Peltz Beckham proudly introduces WESAKE. We believe that sake is too good not to be enjoyed more often, so we craft a premium-grade sake that is easy and approachable so it can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime. Sake is best enjoyed with company - our name, WESAKE, is an invitation to discover sake together.

There are more great places to buy Sake online than ever before. This shouldn't come as a surprise. Sales of sake have been on the rise for a long time. Sake export values from Japan rose an impressive 166% in 2021. Clearly there is growing demand.

The reasons for the increase lie in the growing number of sake connoisseurs. As more premium brands enter the market, people are becoming more educated about this Japanese spirit and start to treat it like fine wine.

Zachys is the place to visit for some of the best sake online. It carries an assortment of 25 different labels from Japanese and New York breweries. In addition, the website features a user-friendly sidebar for you to search by region, price, producer, etc.

The shop features Tyku and Hiro sake from renowned Japanese breweries. Both brands stick to old and new recipes by Japanese master brewers. If you are up for something unusual, check out the Tyku cucumber or coconut-infused sake.

Momokawa Diamond is an American-made Junmai Ginjo with a smooth texture and long aftertaste. For a great Japanese sake, Murai Daiginjo is handmade at Yoshio Koizumi and features a creamy texture with complex fruity flavors.

The necessary information is available online and the above online stores provide a lot of details about the sake in stock. However, the true joy comes from sipping your favorite label, which you may discover after trying enough of them.

We will keep this list updated by adding new options for buying Sake online and removing sites that no longer carry it. If you have a favorite site that you consider one of the best places to buy sake online, please email us and let us know about it.

WHAT'S GINJO GENSHU? Bushido is a ginjo genshu sake. Gensu means Bushido wasn't diluted after brewing so it's higher in alcohol (think of it like cask strength. Ginjo means Bushido's rice was polished down a lot allowing it to keep a super smooth flavor profile.

Sake is a beverage that defies boundaries. It is brewed but not like wine or even like beer. The average alcohol content is 15% but can be as high as 20%. It can be enjoyed super chilled, hot as coffee and everywhere in between. There are styles that are rich, robust and full, displaying all the depth of flavour you would expect PX sherry. And others that are fruit driven with intense characteristics of melon and pear. Some are clean and simple while others have complexity beyond words.

Hon-Jo-Zo-Shu Hon-Jo-Zo is sake made from rice, water, Koji mould and a small amount of distilled pure alcohol. Hon-Jo-Zo Sake is often a bit lighter than other Sake due to the small amount of grain alcohol that is added. It has a crisp flavour and is easy to drink.

Once found only in Japanese restaurants outside its native land, sake is now served in discerning shops and restaurants of all types. As sake becomes more popular, customers are looking for guidance on how to choose, serve and enjoy sake.

If you are still a little confused by the terminology of sake, take a look at our comprehensive glossary, containing all you need to help you familiarise yourself with the rich and diverse world of sake. Courtesy of Eat Japan Magazine.

Enjoy the variety of Kit Kats that Japan has to offer! This special Kit Kat comes flavored like Nihonshu - a style of Japanese sake. With a small percentage of real sake actually used to make this tasty treat, we definitely recommend keeping this out of reach of the kiddies. Warning: This Kit Kat contains 0.4% alcohol.

When you first bite into one of these bars, you're hit with a strong taste of sake/alcohol and then as you continue to eat the bar, it just tastes like delicious white chocolate. Really tasty and unique bars!

Japanese sake is one of the national beverages of Japan and has a history going back hundreds of years. Sake is made from fermented rice and the taste makes it a great alcoholic drink to be taken with food.

The Bancho Seisen Sekijowonagaru Daiginjo is made from Yamada Nishiki rice. The rice is polished up to 40% and is brewed over a month. The sake is brewed using a yeast produced from the Abelia flower. This results in an elegant, sweet and smooth taste with a wonderful scent.

The Bancho Seisen Sekijowonagaru Junmai Daiginjo is made from Yamada Nishiki rice. The rice is polished up to 40% and is brewed over a month. The sake is brewed using a yeast produced from the Abelia flower. This results in an elegant, sweet and smooth taste with a wonderful scent.

Japanese sake sets are a great way to serve and drink sake. You can choose from Miya's variety of authentically tradtional, whimsical, and modern styles. Add some fun to your next dinner party or sake tasting with the perfect sake set that matches your aesthetic!

Need the perfect gift for the next housewarming, birthday, anniversary, or dinner party for your sake loving friends? No matter their design style, you will be able to find the perfect boxed set from Miya. Authentic made in Japan pieces that are beautiful and easy to care for are hand selected by Miya for your home or as the perfect gift for any event. Bringing the best of Japan home so you can too. That's Miya.

Enjoy your first taste by the bottle or glass.TYKU sake crafted to complement grilled seafood and meat. This sake is the perfect pairing for our iconic dining experience.Tokubetsu Junmai, Nara, Japan, +5.4

Beginning March 1, ANA will offer a total of 34 brands, adding 26 new brands while continuing to offer eight popular brands from the current selection. The sake will be available in first and business class on ANA international flights, in premium class on domestic flights and at ANA Suite Lounge for both international and domestic flights and at ANA Lounge for international flights. 041b061a72

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