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Timofey Odintsov

Battlefield 1942: A Masterpiece of FPS Gaming | Free and Easy Download | 216Mb Only

Operation Sandstorm is a first person shooter video game. It is full of actions and shooting game, better than its previous game. This is single player and multi player video game. In this player has to play a role from any of five classes military. You can select team members each have special abilities to fight against enemies. You have to make control points in different areas and fight against enemies to survive. New weapons and vehicles are available and you can also repair damages. There is a ticket system introduced to win by killing other team members. If they hide you have to find them and kill them all. The game features are fully dynamic and customizable. You are The graphics and sound effects of the Battlefield 1942 are very nice. Get the Battlefield 1942 free download and enjoy.

Battlefield 1942 (Pc game Highly Compressed) | 216Mb 17

Battleground 44 is inspired by and aims to be a modern HD reimagining of the 2002 classic PC game BF1942. The mod will feature more classes than the original game had, and will also aim to do away with unrealistic historically incorrect equipment. No longer will British use American weapons and vehicles. Japanese will also no longer be stuck to using German equipment and weapons. All factions will be using historically authentic equipment, weapons and vehicles.

The first game in the hugely successful Battlefield series, Battlefield: 1942 was released in 2002 for the PC, with two expansion packs (The Road to Rome and Secret Weapons of WWII) following later.

There are several kinds of rifles in Battlefield 1942. Bolt-action rifles are only available to two classes: the Scout (who function as snipers) and the Engineer. The differences between the two is that Scout rifles (called Sniper Rifles in-game) are issued a scope, have a higher velocity of 2000 meters per second compared to the standard 1000 m/s for primary weapons and are more accurate on the move; while Engineer rifles (labeled as Standard Issue Rifles in-game) have more ammo and a slightly higher rate of fire. Semi-Auto Rifles (again, labeled as Standard Issue Rifles) have a higher rate of fire compared to their bolt action rifles counterpart; but are slightly less accurate in general. Some factions' Assault classes use automatic rifles (Labeled as Assault Rifles in-game) instead of light machine guns.

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