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Landon Walker
Landon Walker

Cheat Stronghold Crusader Extreme Trainer _VERIFIED_

It includes various useful cheats for gold, peasants and popularity. It also includes invincible units and an instakill for enemy units. DO NOT USE THEM TOGETHER! The instakill also includes invincible units. Hotkeys are assigned:F1 - Max PopularityF2 - 0 Popularity for enemyF3 - 99999 GoldF4 - No Hunger (Food is not used)F5 - No waiting time for peasants, they come instantlyF6 - 999 Housing CapacityF7 - Invincible units (DO NOT USE WITH GOD MODE, F8!)F8 - God Mode (invincible units and instakill on enemy, DO NOT USE WITH F7!)F9 - Power bar to the max. (Only for the extreme version)

Cheat stronghold crusader extreme trainer



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