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Papoulis Probability 4th Edition |VERIFIED|

Probability PFA of falsely detecting noise as point clutter vs the point clutter threshold (PCT) multiplier. The analytical probability curves (solid lines) overlap the probability values obtained from Monte Carlo simulations (circles).

papoulis probability 4th edition

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Without changing the nature of the algorithm or its performance, herein we propose analytical solutions to the integrals used in its two first steps. First, in section 2, we develop the expression of the probability of falsely detecting noise as point clutter. Then, in section 3, we provide closed-form solutions for the moments of the power variance. These analytical results are intended to replace their numerically evaluated counterparts proposed in Ivić et al. (2013) and avoid the inconvenience of implementing a numerical integration. This paper follows the notation defined in Ivić et al. (2013). Consequently, only a few new variables, not present in the original paper, are declared. 350c69d7ab

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